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Heaters & Fans

Keep your factory, party or event warm or cool, or use a blower to dry an area of carpet with our range of fans heaters and blowers for hire

Diesel Radiant Heater

$54.00 / day

These heaters are used extensively in multiple applications where sunlight type heat is required and are extremely easy to start and move around. This heater is ideal for factories or similar areas, construction sites, parties and drying paint etc. It runs on diesel, with complete combustion so you get a very efficient use of fuel with no nasty odors. 

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Area Heater - Gas

$42.00 / Day

product nameArea Heater

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Patio Heater


product name

Perfect for parties and heating your outdoor entertaining area.

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Extraction Fan


product name

Perfect for extracting dust and fumes from an enclosed area. Spiral ducting is also supplied with this item.

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Heater Blower


product nameThis heater is an enclosed gas flame which is blown by an electric fan.

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Radiant Heater


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This heater is heat adjustable and easily wheeled to any location.

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Carpet Blower Dryer


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Perfect for drying wet carpet after flooding or storm damage.

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Pedestal Fans


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Perfect for summer parties, workplaces and any time you need to circulate the air.

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